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  • Tartar Of atun red
  • Steak tartar Of cow
  • Sea urchins 6 pieces
  • Oysters Special normandia 4 pieces
  • Anchovies of the cantábrico
  • Cecina Of cow seleccion 
  • Croquettes of tail bull 6foot
  • Ortiguillas Of sea to the Andalusian
  • Croquettes of centolla Or bogavante 6 foot
  • Artichokes of the prat crispy
  • Calamarcitos Of coast salteados with pepper
  • Red shrimps of Palamos to the iron 6 pieces
  • Cicadas of coast to the iron Or with pepper 5 pieces
  • Chipirones Of coast to the Andalusian and egg broken
  • Artichokes of the prat salteadas with foie
  • Chickpeas salteados with bogavante ( spl €8)
  • Peas of the prat salteados with calamarcitos of coast
  • Bogavante  salteados With  potatoes and egg of farmyard ( spl €8)
  • Fine clams of lane irons Or alive (250gr )
  • Fine clams of lane salteadas to the albariño (250gr)
  • Squids of the coast salteados with butifarra of the perol
  • Squids of coast salteados with onion confitada and judias sta pau
  • Salad of tomato of season with ventresca of beautiful

  • Octopus to fair 
  • Angler to the oven with potatoes
  • Angler ( sapito) to the brasa to our way
  • Octopus to the brasa with sauce of romesco and alioli
  • Cocochas Of hake to the pil-pil Or to the Roman 
  • Rice peeled of shrimps and sepia ( Min. 2 pers )
  • Rice of baogavante cantabrico ( min 2 people ,spl 4€p.p)
  • Sea bass of hook to the brasa to our way Or to the oven with potatoes
  • Angler with cheese of tetilla, panceta iberica and onion confitada
  • Solomillo Of atun red with foie, walnuts and cebollita confitada
  • Extra sole of the rias to the brasa to our way ( min 2 pers)
  • Rooster San Pedro of coast to the oven with potatoes ( spl €5)
  • Rooster San Pedro of coast to the brasa to our way ( spl €5)
  • Sea bass of hook  to the salt  ( min 2 people )
  • Turbot of the coast to the brasa to our way ( spl €6)
  • Ribs of lechal to the brasa Or rebozadas Or fritas with ajito
  • Shoulder of lecchazo to the oven 
  • Solomillo Of blond cow seleccion to the brasa ( spl4 €)
  • Solomillo Of blond cow seleccion with foie and pedro ximenez ( spl €6)

Our fish are all wild and of Galician and Catalan slices and the Galician flesh elaborate to the brasa of firewood.
Allergies: in case of intolerance or alimentary allergy communicate to cookery     

 €34 included VAT        

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